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Torque Wrench Calibrator

        Calibration range 0.5 Nm 1500 Nm
   (4.5 in.lb. - 1,100 ft.lb.)

        Produces calibration certificates, tool histories and   
reminder lists

        Automatic calibration according to ISO 6789

        Internationally recognized calibration standard for torque

        Multi-range sensor for rapid calibration


The test stand is equipped with the necessary technical measuring capabilities and drive methods for the conduct of tests to ISO 6789 or others. The user can also program his own test procedures as desired and conduct tests and calibration automatically.

The ISO 6789 test procedure distinguishes between torque wrenches with pre-set release and those with torque indicator and calculates a tolerance of 4 % or 6 % according to class, type and range. Calibration must be undertaken after every 5000 measurements and the measurement uncertainty of the calibration unit may only be max. 1 % of the reading. The ambient temperature is specified at 18C to 28C and the test comprises five measurements on 80% of the target data which must be obtained within 1 to 4 seconds. Calibration is carried on approx. 20 %, approx. 60 % and 100 % of the measurement range with increasing force and the adjustable wrench may only be adjusted upward from the lower setting.

The core of the test stand is the multi-range sensor. Specially developed fort he calibration of torque wrenches with an uncertainty of less than 0.5% it provides for testing in the range of 15 Nm to 1500 Nm using one sensor.

The system can be expanded with the 50 Nm  unit or smaller ranges from 0.5 Nm to 50 Nm. The deviations are less than 0.5% of the reading shown. The calibration unit thus fulfils the requirements to  ISO 6789  without the tester having to change the sensor for the relevant measuring range.

The system is built as an aluminum base frame with protection. Each drive unit is designed for the described nominal size and consists of one high dynamic servo motor with multi-stage gear.  Driving speeds are defined by the user. The mechanical support can be length- and height-adjusted for adaptation of torque wrenches.



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